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"So glad I found Xavier! Through bodywork and his commitment to healing I have a new relationship with my body. Xavier was recommend to me by my massage therapist. I have had neck and shoulder issues since I can remember. Massage has helped the pain and muscle tightness but the sensations would soon come back. I also had chronic knee pain and swelling. After the 4th session with Xavier I noticed the swelling was gone. After the 6th session I was pain free. All the other treatments I tried addressed the symptoms but the bodywork is what addressed the structural causes. Xavier is knowledgeable, talented, intuitive, and absolutely dedicated to finding and resolving problems."

Deb Martin, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Writing Arts Rowan University

"I have been a client of Xavier's for 10 years. He is constantly studying and practicing new modalities and always enrolled in higher level training. In his practice, he has developed an uncanny ability to assess and discern the source of almost all issues and he has the knowledge and experience to treat using the best and most appropriate approach to achieve relief. Xavier has assisted me though chronic hip instability as well as the rehab of a broken leg and wrist. He worked not only to re-stabilize those areas while they healed, but also used techniques to prevent scar tissue formation post surgery. It is also very evident that Xavier truly cares for each of his clients and puts his whole heart into his work of healing."

Nanette Sulik, MSN, RN, CNS

Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden



"I heard about Xavier, and his skills, from one of his students.  From what they described, as a yoga teacher, I referred several students that could benefit from his work.  They would visit him and say, "my yoga teacher, Erik, recommended you".  After five or so students did the same thing, Xavier was wondering, who is this Erik?  I finally went to see him myself.  When I introduced myself, he asked if I was a yoga teacher, I said yes, and we both laughed.  I see Xavier personally for skeletal and soft tissues issues  that were minimally or not helped by acupuncture or chiropractic. Xavier is very intuitive when it comes to determining issues.  In fact, he can usually tell you why you're coming to see him, before you have a chance to tell him.  Xavier works with you to resolve physical and energetic issues.  He's excellent!"


Erik Marrero, ERYT-500

Yin, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Yoga teacher



"I have known Xavier for almost 12 years. When I met him for the first time I suffered from severe back pain. I went through various medical treatments for almost 1.5 year with no major improvement. Xavier was the first professional who took time to understand the true cause of my pain. He used several treatment modalities to treat the pain and its causes with excellent results. He not only helped to relieve the pain but also offered information and advice about ways to take care of myself to prevent any potential discomfort. 


Xavier is one of those professionals who follows high ethical standards and uses most recent empirically supported treatments. He continuously educates himself and strives for excellence in his profession. He is extremely sensitive to needs of his clients. I recommended Xavier to several friends of mine."

Urszula Kobylinska, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

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